My name is Mario and I am a contractor working for the Federal Government developing SharePoint solutions.  I have been working with SharePoint since 2006, doing everything from farm administration to web part development.

My goal for this blog is to document tips, idea, references, etc. that I come across on a daily basis.  If anything, it will help me keep an online diary that I can quickly access when I don’t have my notes or bookmarks available.  Like most developers, I live off blogs–I couldn’t imagine getting through some projects without access to the great blogs out there…and google, of course–but usually, no one individual blog entry will answer a particular question I have.  I often have to piece together snippets from multiple blogs and technical references to get the answer I am looking for.  So this is where I hope my blog comes in handy, by consolidating my research into a helpful blog entry.   Sometimes I find myself asking ‘I can’t possibly be the only person who has asked this question before?’  These types of questions and the solutions I find will be focus of my blog.  Of course, I will never assume that my solution is the BEST solution and I encourage healthy discussion and alternative solutions.


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